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Battle Galactic From Scratch BattleGalactic a on again/off again project of D&SWares is now being created from scratch. Keep an eye out for new features, and development updates.

Free Online Real Time Strategy Game

Command your armies through the darkest depths of space. Make friends or make foes, battle in the technology race or send spies to steal information for you.

Game Play

Population Growth:
You're going to need man power to build your ships, run your labs, and most importantly fight your battles. You control how fast your population grows by making sure they have plenty of food, shelter and care. Having a high population is a must for taking over the universe.

Technology Race:
Staying ahead of your enemies with technology is a must. With the right tools your weapons will be stronger, your population will flourish, and every aspect of your empire will be enhanced. Staying ahead of the other empires in technology could give you the edge needed to wing the battle.

Space Exploration:
Really think a single planet can sustain you and your forces? You're going to need to leave the comfort of your home world and explore the depths of space. Find uninhabited and make them your own, or find a planet already developed by another and take it by force.

War? Peace? Non-Aggression Pact? While exploring space you will need to decide as to how you wish to deal with different empires. Some can help, while others can harm. Make up your mind as to what is best for you. You have the ability to form trade agreements to offload any excess supply off your own, or make up for anything you are lacking. This could be a handy bartering tool into getting more powerful empires on your side.


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